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Night Sky Miniatures

Commercial Print and Sell License - 1 Month

Commercial Print and Sell License - 1 Month

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This subscription constitutes a commercial print and sell agreement with Night Sky Miniatures.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Parties

Vendor: Matthew Devenish as Trustee for the Night Sky Trust trading as Night Sky Miniatures

Licensee: the purchaser of this subscription.

2. License

The Vendor grants a non-transferable license to the Licensee to print physical copies of the vendors 3d print files and to sell the printed files to customers subject to the terms of this agreement.

If using product listings, the Licensee agrees to include the following line on the listings: ‘Model designed by Night Sky Miniatures and printed under license.’

3. Fees

The Licensee agrees to buy a copy of each file they wish to use from the Vendor using (or another mutually agreed option).

Thereafter this monthly subscription constitutes the total of fees payable to the Vendor.

4. Exclusions

From time to time agreements by the Vendor will prevent certain files from being avaialble to use for commercial print licenses. Files currently excluded are listed below and the Licensee will be emailed if additional files are added to this list.

Current exclusions:

  • Soko Sagyo Ki Engineering Tank
  • Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank
  • M3 75mm GMC Halftrack

5. Other Terms

This agreement can be terminated by the Licensee by cancelling the subscription which will cause the cancellation to come into effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

This agreement can be cancelled by the Vendor by giving the Licensee 3 months’ notice in writing.

The jurisdiction of this agreement will be Tasmania, Australia.

The Vendor may terminate this agreement with immediate effect if the Licensee fails to make payments as stipulated.

This agreement supersedes any existing agreements with the Licensee.


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