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Hummel SPG and Ammunition Carrier

Hummel SPG and Ammunition Carrier

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The Hummel SPG was designed in 1942 as a response to the need for a heavy mobile artillery piece that could keep up with Germany's armored units. The Hummel was built on a modified Panzer IV tank chassis and armed with a 15 cm howitzer. It saw action on both the Eastern and Western fronts and was used primarily to provide fire support for advancing infantry and armor. Despite its effectiveness, production of the Hummel was limited, with only 714 units produced between 1943 and 1945.

Includes the following variants:

  • Early production
  • Late production
  • Ammunition carrier

Features include:

  • Pre-supported option
  • Pre-hollowed option
  • Crew
  • Option to print tracks separately or attached to hull

This model has been designed with tabletop gaming in mind and I have aimed to get a suitable balance between details and durability. I recommend printing tracks separately to get maximum detail from them. In addition printing with a flexible or 'tough' resin will give the best results.

This file is for personal use only and not to be used commercially or shared with other people who are not the purchaser. Commercial use involves advertising the file or prints based on the file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to me at the email below.

Vehicle designed in Blender by Matthew Devenish –

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